Hand crafted in a small British atelier, La Fixé is a conscious slow fashion brand creating simple, buildable, forever pieces. A capsule wardrobe of everyday luxury, creating a foundation for the beauty of life that lies ahead. A formula for everyday. Designs are inspired by the exacting taste and everlasting style of European women who walk, work and live life in these cities of everyday romance.

Enduring style that is decidedly uncomplicated and effortlessly worn, leaving time for everyday pleasures. Immersed in everyday moments. Because this is where life happens.

A daily fixe of modular designs, from timeless Italian silks, sumptuous organic cotton to low maintenance, big impression tailoring. Each interchangeable, designed to be loved and lived in a thousand ways.

The collection comprises every staple for effortless style: silk midi dress, silk bralette, cocktail dresses with relaxed blouson silhouette to take you from weddings to weekend dinner dates. Completed with relaxed tailoring and a slim cut trouser, worn off duty or on occasion.

Built with sustainable practice and conscious consumerism in mind, fabrics are sourced across Europe and hand crafted in small batch production.

An ode to the European way of living and the women immersed in it. Level-headed lovers making romance with la vie quotidienne. Embracing moments big, small and unexpected. Every day is a process to live and love exactly your own way. Real life is messier and more colourful than ‘la vie en rose’ and we’re here for it.

For every woman. We cherish the new depth of beauty found in every decade. Forget the noise. Do it your way, today, tomorrow, next year. Wear the dress. Then the suit. Say no. Say yes. Say what you want. Everyday is yours.